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Vape Coils

Choosing the right coils for your e-cigarette is important and will help you get the most flavour and vapour production from your e-liquid. Our range of Coils enables you to build your own custom set-up, tailored to your needs.

Vape coils are made using various forms of wire including stainless steel, kanthal, titanium and nickel. Coils/Atomizers require a wicking material which is used to feed your e-liquid to your vape coils. As you press the button to engage the battery, the coil will heat up and turn the e-liquid from the wick into clouds of delicious vapour.

Shop online today and choose from a wide selection of Coils at fantastic prices. Regularly replacing your e-cigarette coils ensures you’re getting the best from your e-liquid and your e-cig device is safe for use.